Top 10 Jack Russell Puppy Care Tips

Jack russell puppy tips
Image via Flickr: Julie Gibbons

A quick Google search of ‘Puppy care tips’ will bring up 5,620,000 results back. Which is a lot!

Every new Jack Russell puppy owner will want to know the absolute best way to bring up their cute little pup to ensure their JRT grows up into a healthy and happy little fella. Even the most experienced of Jack Russell Terrier owners may need a helping hand sometimes. With all that information out there it sometimes can get a little confusing. So the nice folks here at thought it would be a nice idea to put together a little list of the top 10 Jack Russell puppy tips, of the most commonly advocated ways to care for your puppy.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to add your own Jack Russell Terrier puppy tips below in the comments. (let’s get Google to return 5,620,001 Results!)

Your Jack Russell Puppy is unique

One of the most important Jack Russell puppy care tips to remember is that your pup is unique and so are you. You can take all the guidance and advice from the most qualified professionals and experts in the world, but please remain aware that not everything works for all puppies. You may need to adapt slightly for your puppy and make it fit for you and your Jack Russell’s personality. Let’s face it, Jack Russell Terriers are just bursting full of personality!

Know where your Jack Russell puppy came from

Image via Flickr: Erik Jorgensen

If you are using a breeder make sure you choose a reputable one and always ask to see the puppy with its fellow littermates. If you rescuing a Jack Russell puppy from a shelter then ask questions about its history. It’s always best to do your research before getting a puppy. The more information you know about your new Jack Russell puppy the more likely it will be that you have a happy pup!

Introducing your Jack Russell Puppy to your home

Your little Jack Russel puppy will be nervous when first being separated from it’s litter and mum. There are some simple things you can do to help with this and to make the transition easier. Simple things such as minimising loud noises, giving puppy his own safe place such as a carrier or crate and trying not to let people handle the puppy too much too soon, as they can become over stressed if done too much.

Microchip your puppy

As soon as you can, microchip your Jack Russell puppy and also remember to add an ID tag to its collar. In the UK alone, more than 100,000 dogs are sadly lost or stolen each year. Jack Russell puppies can be little escape artists but by doing these simple steps will help reunite you and your pup sooner if the worst happens.

Socialise your Jack Russell puppy

Socialising a puppy is really important and a little effort at the early stages can have a huge positive effect in your JRT’s life. Between the ages of 8 weeks and 6 months is the window in which socialisation should be done. The kind of things you should be doing are; taking your puppy to puppy classes and puppy parties. Give them the opportunity to experience lots of new people, places and sounds to prevent him from being fearful of new situations.

Feeding your Jack Russell Terrier puppy

It is really important to feed your puppy the right food. A puppy has different dietary needs than an adult dog and needs a complete balance diet to ensure the their joints and bones develop properly. You can buy puppy formulated food, dog food specifically for puppies. If you are feeding your puppy a raw diet, read up to make sure your pup is getting all the vitamins, fats and minerals he needs at this important stage of his life.

Choosing the right place for your puppy to sleep.

Create a designated are for your Jack Russell to sleep. Somewhere they can feel safe and is ‘their’ space. One mistake people often make is to choose somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle of the house hold, in order for them to have some peace and quiet. This is a mistake, and is advised against. The puppy should very much be part of the all the hustle and bustle, they are very social creatures and being amongst a busy household does wonders for their socialisation.

Naming your Jack Russell Puppy

Pick a name for your JRT puppy that is easy for him to understand. A name that contains no more than 2 syllables if possible and try and go with a name that doesn’t rhyme with the main commands. If the fantastic name that you spent days agonising over is too long, your puppy may not be able to process it properly. By the time you have finished saying “sit, Nathaniel”, your pup will have most likely got bored and moved their attention onto something else. Another tip is to have your family use the same name and variation of it and to be consistent so your puppy knows what is expected of him.

Training and playing with your Jack Russell

Make sure to dedicate time for playing and petting your pup. It may sound like an obvious one but sometimes it’s easy to forget your pup’s needs outside of training. Jack Russell Terriers love to play lots and are always on the go!

Puppy Exercise

Jack russell puppy care
Image via Flickr: Marilyn Peddle

Once your Jack Russell has had his vaccinations you can take him outside for some very much needed exercise which is vital! Be careful however not to overdo it! A good rule of thumb to remember for the length of walks is 5 minutes for each month of the puppies age. So a 3 month old puppy can handle a 15 minute walk. For a 4 month old puppy its 20 mins and so on.

These top 10 straightforward jack Russell puppy tips will help you in your care for your little one and give them the best chance of growing up to be a healthy, happy and well behaved wonderful Jack Russell Terrier. good luck caring for your little pup and have fun!

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