The Most Famous Jack Russell Terriers


The Jack Russell Terrier is simply bursting with personality and character. They are incredibly intelligent, loyal, fun and full of energy. When you take into account all those fantastic attributes, no wonder the Jack Russell Terrier is world renowned and one of the most popular dog breed around the world. Who, however, is the most famous Jack Russell Terrier of them all though? Let’s have a look…

1. Trump

trump the jack russell

With out doubt, one of the most legendary Jack Russell Terriers of all time was Trump. This is because he was the first ever Jack Russell Terrier! Trump was owned by a certain Reverend called John Russell (1795-1883) (recognize the name?) who as well as being a Reverend, also was a keen fox hunter and dog lover. He set about to breed the ultimate fox hunting dog and in doing so created the Jack Russell Terrier.

2. Nipper

his master's voice
By Francis Barraud – Victor Talking Machine Company, Public Domain, Link

One of the most recognisable Jack Russell Terrier is Nipper, born in 1884 in Bristol, England, who was immortalised in the famous painting “His Master’s Voice” by Francis Barraud. You may recognise the painting as it has been widely used in the music industry by companies such as The Gramophone Company, EMI, RCA and of-course in the UK by HMV who incorporated the image into its logo. A nice little fact is that he was called Nipper because he used to “nip” the backs of visitors legs. That’s exactly what my JRT Maggie does!

3. Bothy

A Jack Russell named Bothy, who might just very well be the most intrepid and traveled of all dogs! Bothy was the first and only dog to have traveled to both the north and south poles. This amazing feat was accomplished in 1982 however since then dogs have been banned from Antartica, due to the risks of them transmitting diseases to the native seal population. So it looks like Bothy will keep his record and will forever remain in the history books!

4. George

george jack russell

A very brave little Jack Russell called George performed a very selfless act on 29th April 2007 when he saved 5 children from an attack by two Pit Bulls. Yes that’s 5 children! The famous rescue happened when a Pit Bull charged at the children and it is fabled that George the brave little Jack Russell Terrier stepped in to protect them and managed to keep the Pit Bull at bay whilst the children escaped unharmed. Sadly George was killed by the attacking dog which makes his bravery even more amazing. In sacrificing his life for his human friends he was awarded the PDSA Gold medal in 2009, a Purple Heart medal was given to George’s owner and he even has a statue erected in his honour in Manaia, New Zealand. What a brave doggie!

5. Moose and Enzo

Eddie was the very talented and much loved Jack Russell Terrier on the TV sitcom Frasier, who was played by father and son Moose and Enzo. He was so much loved that he actually use to receive more fan mail than any of the other characters in Frasier. His dead pan acting was especially a big hit!