Recommended Products & Supplies For Jack Russell Terriers

So, you are thinking about getting a little Jack Russell Terrier, or you already have one brightening up and enriching your life already! As a responsible dog owner, (or Potential one!), we are sure that you want the very best for your Jack Russell. That is why we at The Jack Russell Terrier have put together an enlightening banquet of the very best of the best products for your dog.

Whether you are looking for a suitable dog lead for Jack Russells, a dog collar, a non-pull harness or simply need some inspiration on what to treat them with then you have come to the right place. We have put together the crème de la crème for your Jack Russell.

Read on for the low-down on everything fabulous for your Jack Russell!

Harnesses for Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Harness

Not every Jack Russell terrier will need a harness, as some dogs walk perfectly well on a collar. However if your Jack Russell does pull on the lead then a harness maybe a good option. Pulling on the lead when wearing a collar can damage their throat so it is a good idea to try a harness if this is happening. You can even look for a Jack Russell non pull harness if the pulling on the lead is especially bad or if you are training them not to pull on the lead.


Collars for Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Collar

Dog collars are not only useful for attaching leads to, but in many countries including the UK it is against the law to take your Jack Russell out in public without a ID tag. Although you can get special ID tags that fit to harnesses, traditionally you will want to attach the ID tag onto the collar.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of different collars on the market with various designs and materials. When choosing the best collar for your jack Russell it is important to take their comfort and safety in mind. A general rule of thumb is to allow room for a couple of fingers between the collar and the neck. In the below links you will find loads of info on which are the collar best suited for Jack Russells.

  • Best collars for Jack Russell Terriers

Leads for Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell leads

A good dog lead is an essential piece of kit for any Jack Russell Terrier owner. Walking your dog down the street on a lead is one of the joys of dog ownership. It of course helps keep them safe by keeping them under control and it also helps during training and teaching obedience.

There are quite a few different types of leads available and different materials. In the article below we go into more detail about what is best for different situations. Always remember that the lead should be the right size for your dog and you should avoid the ‘choke’ and ‘slip’ variety of chains that cause pain, behavioural problems and can damage your dog’s body.

  • Best dog leads for Jack Russell Terriers


Dog Beds for Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Dog Bed

Any Jack Russell owner will know exactly what we mean when we say that jack Russells are bursting full of energy. After a long, very much needed walk, the little sweethearts are going to want to rest their heads in a dog bed that truly deserves their greatness!

That Jack Russell dog bed can be a luxury palace made of velvet and dog treats or simply a blanket at the end of the sofa. Beds made specifically for dogs are probably going to be your best bet and they come full of features such as durability, comfort and easy maintenance.

The links below provide all you need in order to find the very bets and perfect dog bed that your Jack Russell will love!

Toys for Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Toys

Our favourite section when it comes to Jack Russells! Toys! All dogs loves a good dog toy, but a Jack Russell definitely takes playing with toys to the next level.

There are a whole plethora of dog toys out their so we have concocted several lists of different types that will work perfectly for Jack Russell’s.

Dog Food for Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terrier Food

The way we feed our dogs has changed considerably over the last few years and it has become a lot easier to feed them with high quality food. There is simply a lot more choice and it is a lot more affordable.

Giving your Jack Russell Terrier the right food is critical to their health and will enable them to live a healthy and fulfilled life. In the guides below we will help you decide which food is best for your Jack Russell Terrier and also we will walk you through how to read the food labels on dog food. So you can fully understand what is going into your dog food, what to look for and what to avoid.