Jack Russell Terrier Health and Care

We all want the best for our dogs and they are often seen as members of the family. Therefore it is important to ensure they are at their optimum health. Jack Russell’s generally live a long life compared to other breeds, giving us joy and happiness long in their teens sometimes reaching as old as 18, 19 years old.

The information here provided gives a comprehensive overview of the health and care of a Jack Russell terrier. How their body and mind works and hot to keep them fit, healthy and illness free.

We’ve put together a whole library of articles all relating to Jack Russell health and how to best care for them, to help you keep an eye on them and make sure they your Jack Russell buddy is in tip top shape. From the most common jack Russell illness to parasitic infections, hygiene to grooming and from first aid to dealing with emergencies, we have have the health and care of your jack Russell covered in one easy to access space. We also have some great advice on Jack Russell exercise, nutrition and day to day care too

One important point that we must stress and really emphasise is that whilst our Jack Russell Terrier health and care section is thorough and full of well researched facts specifically about Jack Russells, if you’re concerned about your Jack Russell’s health, ALWAYS seek professional medical advice from  a qualified veterinarian.

An Introduction To The Best Jack Russell Care

below you will find the best articles that cover the more generic side of keeping your jack Russell fit and healthy. This is an excellent starting point for learning the basics of looking after your Jack Russell

  • An Introduction To Caring For A Jack Russell Terrier
  • Introducing A New Pet Puppy or Dog To Your Jack Russell

Jack Russell Terrier Diet And Nutrition

Paying close attention to what you feed your Jack Russell can have a immeasurable affect on their health and longevity. The articles below give a good summary of all things nutrition, giving advice on what to feed your Jack Russell at different stages of their lives, and the reasons why a high quality diet is important

There are a whole host of foods that are poisonous to dogs and can cause considerable damage and can even be fatal if ingested. Everyone know that dogs can’t eat chocolate but did you know grapes are also poisonous? The article below highlights poisenous foods for Jack Russells and talks about how human food can have long-lasting negative effects on your little 4-legged-friend.

Jack Russell Terrier Exercise

Jack Russells need A LOT of exercise. They are bursting full of energy and always have loads of steam to blow off. Jack Russell’s a true working terrier and need to be kept busy so they remained stimulated otherwise they can become bored, start acting up and in some cases develop unwanted behaviour traits such as scratching, being over needy, chewing and piddling! However this can be easily avoided by taking them on nice long walks each day and with some simple ideas from the articles below.

  • How to keep a Jack Russell stimulated to avoid boredom
  • How much exercise does a puppy need

Exercise also plays an important role in the psychological well being of your Jack Russell Terrier. An unexercised dog is an unhappy dog!

Jack Russell Chewing

Jack Russells love to chew! Especially Jack Russell puppies! Its important to expect this so that you can properly prepare your home and also prepare yourself as it can be quite a disruption if you don’t take some measures. A very effective and simple way of dealing with your Jack Russell chewing on things like furniture is to have plenty of toys, chews and bones around which you can use as a substitute for chewing on rather than your furniture or skirting board. When ever you see your jack Russell shewing on something he shouldn’t, then gently but firmly say “No” and then move his attention on the chew or toy. Once he is chewing on the toy or bone then you can reinforce the good behaviour by give a little fuss and lots of nice words like “good boy”.

Follow the following link to find a list of the the best indestructible dog toys.

Grooming A Jack Russell Terrier

Grooming a Jack Russell isn’t just about giving them a quick comb over. Yes, compared to other breeds they need  a lot less grooming, however you should also being thinking about their teeth, eyes, ears and feet when grooming your Jack Russell Terrier if you want them to be lookin’ good!

Grooming your Jack Russell not only allows you to give them a a clean up, it also allows you to strengthen your bond with them and to check for any unforeseen aches, pains, growths or parasites that you may not have pick up on

Common Jack Russell Health Issues

Generally Jack Russells lives a long life compared to other breeds, often enriching our lives and giving us joy long into their teens. However there some health issues that are common in Jack Russells and so it is always a good idea to be aware of them so you can spot potential signs early so you can give them the right care and medical attention they may need.

Basic Emergency First Aid For Your Jack Russell

Accidents happen. it’s part of life. If an accident was to happen to your Jack Russell chances are you will be the first person onto the scene to help them. Whilst we all hope that if there were to be an accident that we would have access to a phone or email. However what happens if you are in the wilderness without a signal or up an mountain.

This it why is is vitally important to know what to do in those first vital moments following an accident. As a responsible dog owner it is up to you to learn what to do to perform basic emergency first aid on your jack Russell in a variety of different circumstances and environments. It could be the difference between your Jack Russell living or not making it.

The articles below will give some basic tips and advice and hopefully help you if you were to find yourself in a difficult situation where their health and well being were on the line.