Fun Jack Russell Terrier Facts

Jack Russell facts

Ah, the Jack Russell. It truly is the best breed by far! Jack Russell Terriers are loyal and loving. They are utterly fearless, bursting full of energy and super smart. But you knew all that already right? Well in case you’re after a few more Jack Russell facts, then we’ve got you covered.

1. High flyers

Jack Russell Terriers can jump really high! These high jumpers can jump as much as 5 times their own height and as high as 5 feet! They are also super tough and have huge levels of endurance due to their history of breeding for fox hunting. Fox hunts could often last days so having lots of endurance and being tough was needed.

2. Brown beginnings

The Jack Russell didn’t always look like the iconic nearly all-white colourings. Jack Russell Terriers originally were all brown, however, to distinguish them from the foxes they were hunting they were bred to have a more white coat.

3. Becoming a pet

After WW2, the need for foxhunting declined and so the Jack Russell transitioned from a working dog into a pet and man’s best friend: And it’s clear to see why! They are such loyal, affectionate, fun and clever little doggies.

4. Intrepid traveller

In 1982 a Jack Russell called Bothy was the first (and Last) dog to travel to both the North and South poles. Since this intrepid pooch achieved this feat, dogs have been banned from Antarctica, which means Bothy the Jack Russell will remain in the history books forever.

5. Sunscreen

Jack Russells have sensitive skin and need sunscreen especially if they have a predominantly white coat. So it’s advised to use some doggie sunscreen when it’s hot or when they will be outside in the sun for an extended amount of time

6. Coats

Jack Russell Terriers have 3 different coats; smooth, rough and broken. Smooth coat Jack Russells have short hair that is smooth and goes in one direction. Rough coat Jack Russells have long hair that is wiry and has a rough texture. The direction in which the fur grows can vary. Broken coat Jack Russells will have a mixture of both.

7. Trump

The first-ever Jack Russell Terrier was called Trump. Trump was owned by a Reverand called John “Jack” Russell (1795-1883) who hailed from Devon in the UK. He was an avid fox hunter and a dog breeder and in his goal to create the perfect dog for fox hunting he created the first-ever Jack Russell Terrier.

Some great Jack Russell Terrier facts there. If you’re keen on knowing some more trivia about the Jack Russell then check out our article on the most famous Jack Russells.