5 Games To Play With Your Jack Russell

jack russell games
Image via Flickr: Emery Way

If you are the lucky owner of an adorable Jack Russell you will already know how much they love to play. This high-energy fur ball on legs needs plenty of exercise so play sessions are needed regularly. If you are looking for some Jack Russell games and ideas on how to keep your Jack Russell active and their mind stimulated, then we’ve got you covered!

As well as exercise, a play session also gives your pet Jack Russell the mental stimulation it needs to stay happy and healthy.

Here are some wonderful games you can play with your Jack Russell to burn off some of that boundless energy. You can expect to get your own fix of daily exercise every time you engage in a play session with your bouncy Jack Russell friend.

Jack Russell games

The following games and exercises are excellent for Jack Russells, especially with their quick minds, strong prey drive and endless energy!

The Flirt Pole Game

Flirt pole

A flirt pole is a long stick with a rope on the end. At the end of the rope, a toy is attached for your dog to chase. You can let your dog jump and run around as it tries to capture the toy. Let it catch the toy sometimes so it stays interested in the game.

Flirt poles, or flirt sticks, are great for Jack Russells because a lot of energy can be burned up in a 20-minute play session. Also, it appeals to their natural prey drive and they can express it in a non-destructive way. Better they chase the toy on the flirt pole than the neighbor’s cat is what we mean to say.

You can buy flirt poles online or from suppliers including pet stores. Or if you have some DIY skills you can make your own personalized flirt stick. A trip to the hardware and pet stores and you should find all the supplies you need to make your cool flirt pole.


jack russell frisbee
Image via Flickr: Emery Way

This game is a bit of an old classic. You can be sure your Jack Russell will get lots of pleasure and satisfaction from playing this energetic game.

Jack Russell Terriers are always eager to please their owners so be sure to heap plenty of praise on your precious pooch when it returns with the frisbee. Those pleading eyes will be asking you to throw the frisbee again.

Start by throwing the frisbee short distances and increase the distance as your dog gets more excited about retrieving the colorful plastic disc. To add some more fun, pretend to throw the frisbee sometimes. Or have two frisbees if you want a super high-energy play session. This physically demanding game of high-paced frisbee will keep your pet Jack Russell happy and content.


Hide and Seek

tennis balls for dogs

There are days when the Weather Man makes us stay indoors or other times when you maybe can’t be bothered walking to the park. This is a game you can play with your dog inside or outside.

Buy a new toy for your dog. Show it the toy and let it sniff it and show some enthusiasm so your Jack Russell Terrier knows it’s playtime. Then hide the toy in a place that is visible and easy to find. You are training your dog how to play hide and seek. Use a simple command like, “Fetch the toy,” and when your dog finds the toy give it a little doggy treat as a reward or a lot of praise and cuddles.

Each time you play the game you can make it more difficult to find. Once your pet Jack Russell understands the game it will be using it’s scent skills to recover the toy. It is amazing how long your dog will happily play this game. You can also play this game outside but for teaching the game it is easier to start inside as there are less distractions.

Water Fetch

water fetch

Jack Russells are four-legged water babies and love the water, especially if they have been exposed to water and swimming from puppyhood. They are strong and natural swimmers and getting them out of the water might be harder than getting them in.

Water fetch is a simple, yet fun game for your Jack Russell. A ball, some water and preferably a sunny day are all you need for some wet and wild fun that your dog will love. You might get a free shower too so prepare to get wet. Make sure your dog doesn’t stay in the water too long if the temperatures are cool and make sure you dry it completely after the watery playtime.

This game will appeal to your Jack Russell’s desire to work and please its owner. It’s a game the whole family can get involved in, especially in the summer season.

Tug Of War

tug of war

All dogs love getting stuck into a game of tug of war. Jack Russells have determined natures so this game is great for them. You just need a long piece of rope that is the right thickness for your dog. For example, if you have a puppy you might need a thinner rope than if your Jack Russell is a fully grown adult dog. Make sure the rope isn’t too thin or it will slip through the dog’s teeth and may cause some irritation.

You will also get some exercise with all the games including this one and might be surprised how strong your Jack Russell is both is physical strength and mentally. Your strong-willed pooch will give you a game of Tug of War that you might end up losing.

Jack Russells are intelligent dogs that love playing and running around in the great outdoors. They will benefit from the mental stimulation of a variety of games being played while getting the exercise they need at the same time.

Coming up with new games is a great way to ensure your Jack Russell’s mind is being challenged and stimulated. It will be wagging its tail every time you suggest some game time.

Jack Russell Terriers have very playful and carefree natures. It is one of the many reasons they are such popular pets. They will absolutely love playing these games when they are puppies and continue to enjoy them when they are fully-grown adults. Enjoy your playtime with your special Jack Russell!


I’m sure some of the games above will be perfect for your Jack Russell and they will absolutely love playing them. if toys don’t last long with your dog and they have a tendency to chew and destroy them, then check out our article on indestructible toys for Jack Russells.